Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I got My First Transfer! And Im SENIOR COMP!

Yeah, the mission is starting to fly. Every week seems faster and faster. That’s awesome you got to teach about the story of Jesus Christ, ya we kinda of do that everyday, now you have some insight on what we do :) It’s awesome huh?
Whoa an apostle went to the nativity? Ha now next year everyone is going to be looking for apostles... pretty sweet. Did you take some pictures of them? Could you send me them? Sounds awesome, I wanna see. 

So some big news! I got My First Transfer and I’m a SENIOR COMP! I’m going to this tiny little mining town called El Salvador. My first time traveling in the mission. My bus leaves tonight at one in the morning and I get there tomorrow at like 9 or 10 I think. But one cool thing is because it’s a little town they only have a branch, and I’ll be part of the Branch Presidency, I think. Not 100% sure because the assistant told me I’ll be helping run the branch, but then another missionary told me he just came from there and the missionaries don’t really run it. But we will see. Also heard that its one of the nicest pensions or apartments in the mission and that I can drink the water (FINALLY I hate buying water!) You people who live in the US are lucky haha. but I'm absolutely stoked. Its gonna be an adventure. Oh and we don’t have mamitas, so I have to wash my own clothes and make my own food everyday… what a bummer ha. 

The one crappy part is that I’m leaving my first converts and less actives that I helped get to Church. They’re awesome when I bore my last testimony here, the mom of Alanoca ( I'll point her out in the pic) She started to cry and she says I better come back. I told her if you guys pick me up, we will hang with her and her family the whole time you guys are here. Would be perfect, they game me a sweatshirt and another investigator gave me this cool Chile hat and then we went to taco bell today with our investigators ha. It was sweet but still sucks saying bye. 

What else... nothing too exciting this past week, we found a couple new investigators this week but mainly were just working with our old ones trying to get them to progress. But I’m going to have all new investigators, so I guess its elder Ruiz worries now ha. 

My package still hasn’t gotten here which sucks cause now its going to be a little while until it gets from Antofagasta to El Salvador... But it should be soon.  I don’t know whats up.  I feel fine, I’m not sick anymore and have been taken care of myself. Nothing else too exciting, but ill send you a bunch of pictures when I arrive in Richville ok?

LOve you guys and hope everything’s been going good. Take Care!

Elder Farny

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