Sunday, April 7, 2013

I had a dream that Kaleb was going to come to Chile..SWEDEN, Kaleb I'm stoked for you!

SWEDEN!! Kaleb I am stoked for you, you’re going to be an amazing missionary. I can’t wait to see the miracles and the spirit that you bring the Swedish people. You’re going to do amazing things. I had a dream he was going to come to Chile, but I guess I just wanted that. Ha-ha but I know he was called there for a reason. Is he stoked? Is Swedish hard? Let me know what it’s like there! I actually met someone here who was from there. He spoke perfect English. Ha

Our week was pretty good here, not as exciting as Kaleb's, but we have found a bunch of new potential people. My comp is awesome, we are like the same person. Ha, it’s a blast. He is from Columbia, I’ll send a pic.  We were able to go back and baptize Claudia so that was awesome.

I am sending some pics.  I hope you all are doing great.  Have a great week and I’ll think of you while watching conference.

Love you all,
Elder Farnworth

                                        Me and my Comp, Elder Bernal
                                                    Me and Claudia
                                         Colombain jersey I borrow to play soccer
                                         Claudia and her family
                                       Me and Vargas, With the chester drawers we built!
My shoes! Sweet huh?

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