Sunday, June 30, 2013

She is my miracle and my motiviation to have faith in everyone.

Sorry about last week, I haven't been able to take a pic yet, but my new sector is awesome. My comp is a little weird, but the sector is aesome and the members are good too. It's a rama in the city called Copiapo. It's called Piapote and like 3 months ago there like 30 people going to church and this Sunday we had 85. Every less active we taught went to church. It was pretty awesome. Then we had investigators who should be getting baptized in July.
Before I left Arica we had an awesome baptism experience with our investigator Pia. When we met her she had a bunch of peircings and smoked. When we first taught her the importance of baptism she told us "dont talk to me about baptism, I dont want to." But we helped her get them all out. And finally Saturday, ten minutes before the baptism she decided to get baptized.  She had told us she wanted to get baptized at four, but in the morning her mom and sister said it was too soon so she almost didn't. So we were baptizing some of our other investigators and then she called ten minutes before and said, "I'm spiritually ready come get me and Ill be baptized at six", it was a miracle! When I met her I thought this girl wont ever progress, but it was cool because I gave a talk the next day and talked about how she is my miracle and my motivation to have faith in everyone. I told them I call her my miracle, it was cool. Yeah I saw the conference it was cool. I don't think we will use technology that much here, but maybe.  You guys all sound great!! Take Jake congrats and send more pics from New York.
Love you guys, I will write more next week.
Elder Farnworth

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