Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm used to this place already

I took all the pics and stuff but I just need to send them. I'm in the city Copiapo and the sector Piapote. My comp is Elder Contrera and is from Argentina. I've had comps from everywhere, ha. My camera is fine now, but when Pia got baptized it wasnt working and my comp still hasn't send me pics, but when he does I'll send you them real quick. Our sector's good, we have two baptism dates, but hope to have more. I'm used to this place already. But the cool thing here is Claudia, I think I told you about her. But she hadn't been in forever and now shes going and her kids are getting baptized. Then this other family, Veronica Edward and Elizabeth.  They love me, but aren't that interested, only the daughter, they're cool tho. 
I bought a new coat its helped a lot and I love it. I'll send you a pic next week. I'm having someone lend me a computer and  we had no time to do anything this Pday because we had an activity. 
We meet the new Pres the eleventh of July. I have heard he is more spiritual and wants to baptize even more when we are already number one in Chile. 
Jake passing the sacrament, ha, weird. Tell me how Kaleb likes the temple. Next week for sure I'll send pics, we are going to do internet with more time. Thanks for keeping  me updated. Tell jordan and jake to write me and sorry to everyone else. I get too busy and have to many, its not my fault we just run out of time.
But let everyone know i love em and am praying for everyone.
Love you mom send me pics, Take care!!!
Elder Farnworth

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