Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm honored to be able to baptize her...(3/10/14)

First of all Happy Birthday Mom!! Everyone reading this take care of my Mom for me on her Birthday, cause I cant!! I love you Mom and as you know If it wasn't for you and all you put up with I would be here doing what I'm doing, Becoming what I'm becoming if it wasn't for you!! I'll buy you something from Chile :)

Sounds like a crazy week there!! Lots of stuff going on, I'm glad that everything and everyone is allright. Tell Jake I played basketball today and I still got it so watch out haha. 
Glad you had a good week at work!! I tell everyone My Mom teaches Kindergarton :)

So this week wasn't as great but It wasn't that tragic either. What happened was we are working with a mom and her son. The mom struggles believing in Thomas Monson and we dont want to baptize the son until the Mom decides to. She didnt go to church for the first time in a while and this whole past week she told us she couldnt wait to go and she found herself anxious everyday for it to be sunday to go! So we will see what happened. She will be a stud when she gets baptized and for that same reason shes had a ton of struggles.. Almost everyone of her neighbors have told her she will be condemned, her son as well and that also when she gets baptized she will discover that the Church isn't want it seems like when your just investigating and that secretly we worship Joseph Smith and all this stuff. But she stood up for it everytime, Saying I know what Ive felt! But when we taught about a living prophet she kinda got scared. But we will see what happens this week.

Jessica is excited to get baptized. Actually she is nervous. She was like we need to practice so you dont drop me and all this stuff. Ha, but I'm honored to be able to baptize her. She golden and really is converted. She helps us look for new people and testifies to our investigators. She will probably serve a mission if she doesn't get married first. Then her sister also is studying she is 2 Nephi already and we have been sharing with her about a week and a half. She said she looked up all the scriptures about baptism and was thinking about why she had to do it. Shes a little tough but you can tell shes coming around. 

Then we have Tracy whose parents are Jehovah witnesses but they gave her permission to get baptized. But told her they probably won't go and that we aren't allowed to go to her house ever. Then Carlos who hasnt stopped smoking yet but we are going to keep up with him. But I have faith in him and a lot of hope for this month. 

We are looking for ways to find so we saw a bunch of kids playing football, AMERICAN FOOTBALL! So I went of there and offered to teach them a little and give them a few tips on footwork and what I can remember. They wanted me to join their team and play with them in their next game in April, but I told them i cant. Ha I hope we can find through them. But we are extremely blessed we´re merely instruments in doing the Lords work. He gave everything for us, Its the least we can do. I love this life and living closer to God. I love you all and pray for you daily. 
Take care and thanks for not sending trunky letters :)
Elder Farnworth

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