Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"I Dread the Day When I Won't Be Able to Help Change Lives Anymore"

What a sucky week. But at least things are getting better for everyone. And Kelsey got baptized! I will start praying for Lexi. I don't know who she is but that has gotta be tough for the fam. And Kaleb, how is he doing? He doesn't love me enough to write. (haha no just kiddin)

I do not know my release date. I'm sure I will be getting home like that Wed. But I will know in a few months. Geez it's like you're trying to make me as trunky as possible. haha But I don't think its working cuz we are working hard. I'm dead tired all the time. haha

Since you guys had all the bad news, my news is good news! haha We have still been working with that awesome family. And this week Cicilia, the lady I told you who liked Church and wasn't interested at all, has decided to be baptized the 15 of March! :) Along with her 13-year-old son. She had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and searching for an answer as to whether she should get baptized. She's on like chapter 20 of 1st Nephi already and she got an answer! She said in a dream she heard a voice that said what you're doing is right and she felt at peace. It's hard because her husband and family kinda make fun of her.  But she is tough and always talks about being the example to them so they can later do the same as her.

Then Jessica, who's 17, is getting baptized the same day. She asked me to perform the baptism. She is signing up for seminary and already is studying Preach my Gospel. A little advanced for an investigator, but they are helping us look for more people to teach. And they even brought someone new to church. Actually two people - a friend and her sister. They liked it and her sister read the first 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon the first night she had it ... and really understood it. She just doesn't want to get baptized right away but we set a goal with her for the 29th of March. The friend is a little tough but we will see this week.

Then Carlos, Tracy's dad, didn't come to Church this week (which worries us a bit). So we will see if he still gets baptized on the 15th. If not, then we will make it the 22nd. And also Adolfo decided to get baptized but we haven't been able to see him. His mom is sick but she told him to not let it affect him meeting with us. She said he still needs to keep listening to the missionaries. Looks like he will be set for baptism on the 22nd or the 29th as well. And then we have Franco who was suppposed to get baptized in January but didn't due to his smoking habit. But he said this month he is going to stop smoking and then decide if he wants to be baptized. He's a punk, but is a cool kid.

We also found a dead mouse in our pension (apartment) that had been stinking it up for like three days. It's been a fun week here and things are good!! I will keep praying for all of you and know that I love you. The church is true. And my mission is awesome! Excited to see you all but I dread the day when I won't be able to help change lives anymore. Love you guys.

Elder Farnworth

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