Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blessed and Loving It

Tomás got baptized on Saturday. He is a stud and it was awesome. But Satan was not happy about it. Because he got in a huge fight with his Dad right before his baptism. I'm pretty sure it's because he is going to be a stud. He's crazy smart for 16. He understands everything super fast and has a testimony of the Church. 

I'm glad everything went well with Kelcey's baptism! She sounds awesome and I'm sure it was cool for you to see how you helped to start what will one day end as an eternal family!! The work of salvation is awesome isn't it??  Life's too short to not be fearless. haha Sounds fun! Tell Jake to enjoy it and to write... 

This week again was pretty unreal. We haven't found any new people really (I mean a few) but they're not that interested. Still just working with the same people. We found out Carlos has got a problem (pretty big) with smoking. He says "Don't ask so much of me" when we talked to him about quitting for his baptism and why he needs to stop. I think we might need to pospone it because its in two weeks on the 8th of March. But if we change it we are going to baptize Jessica that day. She is the definition of unreal. She gave the closing prayer at the baptism. And she comes to lessons with us and testifies about the answers she got when she prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Church. Imagine someone who has known us and the Church for two week already testifying about the truth. Its unreal! We just have to work with her parents. They're tough - they want NOTHING. Her mom is less active but this week we set up a dinner with them to get to know them more. Her friend Tracy came to church and decided she wanted to get baptized. But we need to get permission from her parents. And her parents are Jehovah's Witness. But they let her go to Church.. She's just scared to introduce us to them. But we will find a way. 

Then Aldolfo's mom almost died. She wasn't doing so good so they are going to operate on her. But he didn't go to Church. But we had 7 investigators in Church and we have the potential for 5 baptisms in March. Oh and that tough family I told you about the kid said he wants to get baptized. But we are waiting for the mom to decide. She's read almost all of 1st Nephi and has been to Church twice. Her family kind of lost interest and she could tell. So she said wait on them - just teach me and they will become interested again. Shes giving them a great example. When we first met her she said stuff like "Share with them but I don't really wanna hear much." She's awesome she´s changed a lot and already knows that the Book of Mormon is true :) We just haven't been able to teach her to get her baptismal date. 

We are extremely blessed. We are loving it and having fun. The kid I trained is coming to my Zone today so I'm excited. We had transfers and were staying. Hope all is well, 

Love you guys and know I'm praying for you always! 

Elder Farnworth

Here are some random pics that Zac has uploaded recently.

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