Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good But Not Great

Were doing good but not great. This week wasn't the greatest. We were planning on having four baptisms this week but now we just have one. It was horrible the Mom and son, Cecilia and Lucas aren't able to get with us anymore. She's having some problems I guess and her husband freaked and says we aren't allowed to go to her house anymore or talk to her cause it could mess up her marriage... But she said she will keep reading the Book of Mormon and hopefully get baptized before I leave, So that's what I'm praying for. We've worked so hard for her just to have her husband freak! Then Tracy's dad can´t stop smoking and said he needs more time. So we are going to keep helping him. But we are also looking for other people. 

Jessica, the last one to be baptized, her aunt and dad and like 3 of her friends are interested so we are still working with them. Her aunt wants to get baptized but doesn't live in our sector! We always have that happen then we send the other missionaries and they lose interest. Its frustrating. But we keep finding golden people, we´re blessed in that aspect. By the way, I'm still in Alto Hospicio with Elder Sarmiento. 

There isn't much else that happened this week. We got Palomas interview done, Jessica's sister who is getting baptized this week. Shes excited. Shes changed a lot shes 16 and used to party but read for The Strength of Youth entirely yesterday and said she´ll stop going to parties that have inappropriate music so she's set. I got sick this week. I went to the doctor and they gave me a shot in my butt. It hurt more than normal cause the lady didn't really care to more to do it carefully. I should've just done it haha but it happens. I'm throwing some pics up on OneDrive. Hows max doing? Lost any weight? Sounds like everyone is good everyone looks good.Con mucho cariƱo de Chile! 

I love you guys take care!!

Elder Farnworth

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