Sunday, April 6, 2014

This week was good... (3/31/14-Pre-earthquake post)

This week was good! I think the shot I got was an antibiotic, I had the flu or something.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and could barely breath, so I got a shot. I  don't think I'll be bringing anything back with me, haha.  Well my plans don't get to me until I have around a month left, as soon as I get it will send it to you don't worry. I'll probably get there Wednesday or Thursday I'm not sure the date.
This week we had a baptism her name is Paloma. She changed a ton, we knew she partied a little but we found out she was a hard core partier. But she read for the strength of youth and she said she will start living it. She said I wanna keep going to going to parties but without drinking, but even listening to bad music doesn't help feel the spirit. Shes like better than the active young women! It's like all our converts are more excited than the old timers, pretty awesome. Also in her testimony she said I'm going to endure to the end. It was cool than Sunday there was a line of people outside of the branch presidents office, and she just walked in front of all of them and just walked in and said I want my personal progress haha. It was funny, she's so sick. 

Other than that we have working to find we got a good amount of referrals this week. We are working with people to help them share the gospel. Last night we were with this family and the daughter is less active she doesn't want much with the church. But we talk about sharing the gospel and we told her to open facebook and look at all her friends. We went one by one asking if they would be interested. She found two people and asked right away if we could visit him with her he was like sure and I'll invite my boyfriend too. He gave us his address right away. So this week were going to keep doing that with people and help them share the gospel. Pretty sweet. That's about all that's exciting.  I'm going to see a little city for pday it might be my comps last cambio so he wanted to go. Other than that a normal week.   

Sounds like everybody is doing good, Max is going to be skinny when i get back. Hope all is well and have a good week!
Elder Farnworth

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