Monday, April 14, 2014

So this week went by fast, but like too fast (4/14/14)

*We finally received Zac's travel plans.  Elder Farnworth will return from his mission on May 21st at 10:30 am.  His homecoming will be that Sunday the 25th at 1pm .  Wahoo!!

So this week went by fast, but like too fast. We did a lot of stuff,  but not as missionary work as I would like which kind of a bummer, but we got a lot of important things done. So last Sunday they took my comp to his new place and they were waiting to bring my companion and some other missionaries up to my city. 10 missionaries in our zone needed a new house and I was the only zone leader til Friday. It was interesting being kind of the only one to make all the decisions, but we found houses or helped them start to look for houses. They found places to live, we are just looking for one more place so that two more missionaries can come back. 

We also moved into a new pension, our old one was cracked and also really far away from our part of the ward. So now we walk less and we live next to this awesome recent convert named Claudia. She loves us, well kinda me, but she always tells us to go grab food if we need to or take our clothes to get washed. She is unreal, the people here are sooo nice.

We have some good investigators too, we are really trying to find families. Its been kinda tough finding an entire family that is interested, but we have a few good people. We have this girl Tracy who is basically a member. She wears her medallion thingy and is doing her personal progress. Us, her, and her friends had a fast this week so her parents would soften there heart and give her permission to get baptized. It was cool. We also found an old couple, They kinda lost there excitement to get baptized, but Tuesday we're going back to help them out. Its going good. We literally just ran out time to take that pic but next week for sure!!

I'm sorry this is short, we have had the craziest week we have NO time. But don't worry, I'm making my time count. Love you all!
Elder Farnworth

Zac's zone with President and Sister Dalton just a few days after earthquake

They went back to Alto Hispicio a few days later and sent this picture

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