Sunday, April 27, 2014

He Loves Us!

We had a great Easter!! My comp's family sent him a bunch of eggs so he gave us a bunch. haha He put them on my bed while I was showering - so the Easter Bunny came haha. Then in Sunday School we watched with our investigator  (who is awesome) the video "Because of Him." I got it downloaded in Spanish and it's awesome! He liked it and was really into the videos. 

School sounds good. I will get right to studying - that's what I need to do!! So will I be starting the 20th of June? I will see about jobs on campus because I don't know if I will be living down there, But we will see! 

Did you have fun in Vegas?? Dad said a bunch of people spoke Spanish.  And It looks like the kids flew in a helicopter - that is pretty sick! Sounds like you had a good weekend. Looks like it was a fun vacation. You finish school in 7 weeks so I will be able to see the kids before you finish! That'll be cool to see your new job!! Well new to me. haha Ask Jake if its alright if I read his blessing. Or I'll just see it when I get home.

Me and Elder Pond had a good week this week! We were able to find a lot of people ashes nd talk to a bunch of prospects. We use the earthquake to bring up conversations with people. Our main phrase (well, my main pick-up line) has been "Where were you during the Earthquake?" Then we're best friends and they invite us over! haha We found this lady named Frances who almost didn't let us in but once we started sharing with her and her daughter she started crying saying she felt God's love for her through us. She was having a hard time seeing how God really loves her. So we said Him sending us is a way He shows His love. It's not a coincidence that we are here with you. She started almost crying. We showed how the restored gospel can help her feel His love. She said if He answers her prayers, she will be baptized. BUT she isn't married so she would have to get married first. But she is still awesome!

Carlos is doing great. He has a baptism date for my last weekend and wants me to baptism him before I leave. He said can you postpone your flight plan to baptize me? haha I was like no I will have time before I leave! haha He is unreal! It will help the church by having a willing priesthood holder up here! I'm honored to have met and taught him. It's taken a while but he finally is feeling the spirit and becoming converted to the Gospel!

Then there is the Jehovah's Witness family. Anyway, we talked to their parents. They said if she shows that she's really changed, then they will let their daughter get baptized. It was HUGE (cause they are a little anti-mormon) and they want to go to an activity we are having the 2nd of May. We should get the whole fam which would be awesome!

We have kinda had a stressful week because Tuesday my comp had to go out and help missionaries get into their house. We have had SO many things to do in addition to running the sector. But I'm learning patience and also to just have a good attitude about stuff even when just stupid stuff happens. We are always growing! We felt the spirit really teaching that Dad and Carlos. We shared Alma 34:33 about how we shouldn't wait to work towards the Celestial Kingdom. It got him really excited! Honestly he was all the sudden excited about getting baptized again. It was quite the blessing. The Lord is blessing us and also having an awesome baptism before I leave is a huge blessing. He loves us! 

We have an awesome house and really cool neighbors. They all ask us how tall we are -  well mostly my comp, I feel short with him haha. I'll send pics. Today I got my haircut and the guy almost buzzed it. He made me looks like a marine AND two days before interviews! haha Just my luck right? But it's been a fun week. I'm enjoying it and living to the fullest! 

Love you guys have a good week!

Elder Farnworth

Working hard till the end!

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