Sunday, January 19, 2014

I got transferred..I'm going to finish my mission here

Whats up!!
So we had transfers and I got transferred from my pretty sector to the city up the hill next to it out of sight from the beach. Ha but I'm going to finish as Zone Leader, and with one of my buds in the mission Elder Sarmiento! We lived together for 4 months in Paipote and now were comps!! It going to be awesome and from what I hear my new sector is sweet. It has a lot of awesome people and the members all want to work with us!! Cant wait to get started!

I'm not really freaking to bad. I pretend I'm in the middle of my mish ya know. Its what you gotta do!! That'll be pretty interesting seeing how many people really speak Spanish in the states. I'm sure it will surprise me. 

This week was good. It was kinda of a tough week we set up an activity that helped the other missionaries a lot but we didn't really get any investigators out of it. But the other missionaries investigators or references asked for a Book of Mormon right away. It was good for them. But one thing we were able to do is get our baptism date, Maria, Secure about being baptized. She said she didn't feel like she was preparing really well but now will be with my comp and they will baptize her at the end of the month. It should be good she is awesome. 

Oh and this week we found this guy who speaks English who never had listened to missionaries and he was like Who knew you guys were so nice and invited us back this week to come to church and learn more about our religion. He was kind of a basher but hopefully he will be good for the missionaries here. Also a member told me that he has a friend and for the Christmas party he brought him. I started talking to his friend and became friends with him. He is atheist but was a really nice guy. But I guess he told the member that he said I loved that he didn't like force religion on me and was just a nice guy. And his "atheist" friend starting praying so that everything would go well in work and his relationship with his girlfriend. It was good seeing that just being nice got him praying. He was like maybe that's why you came or something like that. 

My new sector you gotta look it up on google, it's called Alto HospicioIts. It's like a city in the dessert. Its pretty sick though, I cant wait. Sounds like things are good, I like the new couches and the mantel, looks good!!
I hope everyone is doing all right. I took some sweet pictures this week so here they are.
Love you!
Elder Farnworth
Our mamita, well now my old mamita is blind and she cooks for us everyday. She is unreal and her food is amazing. That's her with the glasses shes an awesome lady!!

This is for you Mom, ha ha!

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