Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Area is Starting Up!

We forgot to take a picture together ha Here are pictures of him when we lived together in Paipote. haha But for sure this week we will take some. As a ZL we really don't do anything different. Just watch over the missionaries and get them excited. Actually I think district leaders are more interactive with the missionaries than zone leaders. We only talk to the district leaders pretty much. Ha But its fun cause we have an awesome sector. But nothing has changed really.

Sounds awesome about your reference. What a stud!! How do you know her? You should put a baptism date right away that would be awesome. How old is she? Do the missionaries work with you guys a lot? We do this do thing where we have 2 FHE's with a two different families each week and we tell them to bring their friends over so we can meet them. It's worked alright so far and this week we have two with some solid families. 

One thing that stuck out this week is we met this lady who is a member and shes visiting her sisters family that lives here. They aren't members. Well the ladies son got sick and so she called the missionaries to give a blessing. We gave the kid a blessing and he got better like right away. Actually the next day. So the rest of the family wasn't feeling that great either. The woman's sister couldn't speak she had a bad cold. So the next day she called and said they all wanted blessings. It was nuts, The first time we went they barely said hi to us, When we went back it was like they realized we were representatives of Jesus Christ. They were stoked for the blessings. We gave them blessings and everyone felt the spirit including me and my comp. One lady starting bawling in the middle of the blessing because she said she never had felt anything like it. Cicila, the sister with the cold, started talking almost perfectly after her blessing. Right away we saw her getting better. It was unreal. They all got interested in what we teach, what our church is like. It was awesome we talked a little bit about how all the truths were restored to the earth by Joseph Smith. And we have an appointment to go see them tonight. The most important thing is the Dad loves us. It was awesome. The sister who is a member said I'm staying here until we get them baptized. ha 

Also we got like 17 references this week. I think the members are trusting us because we've been working hard. Its good I hope I'm with him till I finish. 

That is cool that Brandon is home. Tell him I say hi!

Love you all!

Elder Farnworth

This is half our our zone. My comp is the one in the middle with the black and orange jersey.

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