Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Love Alto Hosipcio, But It Doesn't Love Me

That sounds awesome about you guys getting called on a two-week mission. You guys are studs!! That actually works a lot better most of the time when the members talk about baptism more than the missionaries! You're a stud that sounds awesome! Noone else in her family are members? Keep it up - that's how we do it :) Let me know how the dinner goes! This week we have a goal to put 10 baptism dates! We have the sweetest people here! 

I've been studying Spanish like crazy. Okay not a ton but its hard because Chilean Spanish is sooo different from Spanish Spanish. But I'm learning a lot about Spanish in different countries. I'll try to read the book like 2 times before I leave. Sounds like you guys are doing good and are happy!!

Well so far I've loved Alto Hosipcio. But It doesn't love me. haha I don't know if I told you but my first night here I went downstairs to go to the bathroom and I didn't know where the light was so I was walking and ran into the door. I felt dumb then turned on the light and had blood running down my face. I slit my forhead open. I thought I might need stitches but It wasn't that bad. Then I've been getting eaten alive by fleas. But I got a spray and they're gone now. But Sunday morning I got sick to my stomach. I think I got an infecction. But I started throwing up and like 5 in the morning until 7. Then got ready for Church and took our investigator to Church. Threw up in Church after sacrament meeting then we went out again last night. I had a piece of bread and threw it up in the street. Ha It's been crazy the last two weeks but we really have seen a ton of blessings. We have a family of 7 and a few more people we are working with. They are reading the Book of Mormon and one said "I'm not 100% sure its true yet but I don't believe its false." They are awesome people. 

But other than that we have had a pretty chill week. We got around 8 referrals this week so the members keep helping us. But we can't bring them to church because of work or problems with their parents, etc. But we are going to keep working at it to help the ward grow. Me and Sarmiento were talking about how much we really grow in the mission and how we are preparing for exaltation. It's a start to a new life, With the goal of the celestial kingdom in mind. Getting there and helping others have the blessing of the gospel now and in the eternities. This is the greatest decision I have ever made. I love you guys and thanks for everything.

Elder Farnworth

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