Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mom I Still Have a lot of Time Left :)

This area continues to provide challenges. We don't have lice but we do have fleas. Which I think is worse but now I have less so things are getting better. And the scar isn't going away so I may have a scar but we will see! It's a little crazy but it is a blast. This week the crazy story is we found a drunk who loves Mormons. He bought a juice but he didn't put the lid on all the way. I didn't want to carry it in my hands so I put it in my backpack. And it spilled all over everything and I think my backpack is ruined because it was like really thick juice. BUT thankfully somehow my scriptures are fine. Which is a mircale because the backpack had a puddle in the bottom. 

But that sounds awesome about your mission. I'm glad you had a good week and are such studs as missionaries. Keep it up! I look forward to helping out. Mom I still have a lot of time left :) [Editor's Note: You can really tell who wants Zac home and how much Zac wants to stay in Chile :) Something tells me that Mom is going to win that one. ]

This week had a lot of ups and downs but we have a lot of blessings to look forward to as well. In the pics on Skydrive there's this family with this kid where I'm wearing sunglasses. His name is Franco. He's a punk and is in to drinking and stuff but his mom said she had been praying for somebody to help her son. And like a week later we arrived!
He was about to get baptized but fell and said now he wants to wait till he can stop partying for good to get baptized. But his brother Tomas is progressing for the 15th. He has read and received an answer. He is just a little nervous because he will be going against his mom's religion But we got permission from her. Actually she wants to learn more but she won't pray I don't know why but their family loves us and are investigating but just slowly. But they are awesome people. 

Second blessing in the Espinosa family. The dad this week accepted to perpare for the first of March as his baptism date. We have invited him now three times to be baptized but due to his son having his baby he kinda has been too busy. But we moved it a week back and are going to start working harder. His son, who had the kid, stopped believing in God, But mostly believes that there exists a true church. We gave him the Book of Mormon and said read it and see if its true. He's been doing it and says it has restored his faith in God. He believes again and wants to prepare for an eternal family but we can't get him to church. Which makes sense because he just had his first kid as a newlywed but once we get him to go he said he wants to get baptized. Like he doesn't want to go and check it out. When he goes he wants to go and not ever stop going. Ha He's cool but we just need him to get there! Then the daughter is cool. She's like 21 and really interested and the 13 year-old is stoked. He loves church and will get baptized easily. We just want the parents to get baptized more than anything.

The last blessing is Segundo and his wife, Janet. Segundo in the street told us he needs to be baptized because he never was. We said why not and it was because his wife didn't let him. We met her and she is the NICEST lady ever. We went over this week and she was alone so we told her we can't go in because she was alone and she started laughing and was like Ohh its gotta be for the gossip that goes around. But it was cool. She said she wants to go to church with her husband so I think now she has changed her mind. But her daughter's birthday was Saturday night so they didn't come. Which is a lame excuse but this week they will be coming!!

We've been extremely blessed. Our Heavenly Father always answers prayers and even more when we're obedient! Love you all and hope everything is alright! Happy Birthday again Dad!

Elder Farnworth

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