Sunday, February 23, 2014

I couldn't be more grateful for being a missionary... (2/10/14)

Okay this week I promise I will take more pics my area.  It is kinda of sketchy, someone was killed here like 3 months ago. Ha! Sounds like you had fun, but sounds like a tiring week. Don’t worry I understand how you feel!

We had a killer week! We have been still getting a good amount of references from people. This family who are recent converts (the kids) their Dad has seen how it has helped there kids a ton and wants to be baptized. He went to church this week but didn’t go in because he was talking to his kids. They’re going through a lot of problems but we are helping them out. The daughter went to EFY and so now she is stoked to help her dad get to know the church. Then this super active family told us they have a son who isn’t baptized who now is like down to start going to church. So we were extremely blessed to find more interested and prepared people this week. The rest are still progressing but slowly. That awesome family, we found they love when we go to their house, but won’t go to church and only a few are reading the Book of Mormon. But with patience we will get them baptized before I leave here. Then we announced our baptism this week for the same date as that girl at home, the 22nd. So we will be having a baptism the same day! 

Other than that nothing too eventful happened. We did splits with the whole zone each day to make sure there sectors are all right, and to help them find new people. We found this awesome family in this other sector it was cool they just started talking to us and we laughed with them like the whole lesson and at the end they accepted to getting baptized after getting to know more. Not my sector, but good for the zone. 

This week we are going to Antofagasta for the zone leader counsel and I will be able to visit some people from my first sector where I started, should be cool. The other day I was talking with Elder Sarmiento and we were talking about how far we’ve been, and our spiritual progression in the mission. I couldn’t be more grateful for being a missionary, for the testimony of our Savior I’ve gained on the mission. It’s turned things around completely. I now have direction in my life and know that I want to make it to the celestial kingdom. Having so many experiences with using the Atonement and helping others use it has made this time the happiest of my life. There is for sure those days, but I couldn’t be for grateful for what this mission has meant to me. Thanks you all, I know our savior lives and loves us, through him we can do all things and continue progressing to perfection! I love you all and thanks for everything!


Elder Farnworth 

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