Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Area is Coming Along

I am now in one of the bigger cities. It's like for tourist so its one of the prettier ones. That suit from last weeks picture is the suit we bought. haha Maybe it looks darker from being old but its the same one, Still haven't bought a suit here. haha

This week I listened to that talk by Brad Wilcox. My comp had it. It's the one where he talks about the piano lessons? It's awesome. We've talked about it a few times with a few investigators. It's cool because like Christ already paid we just have to take advantage of it...

We had a good week this week. We got a baptismal date with this girl named Maria. Still are working with that other couple, They went to Bolivia so it was kind of tough to contact them daily but we have been doing that with our other investigators. We taught Maria yesterday the Plan of Salvation and she said, "Wow you teach really well. I understand all of it." But she said we have to convince her why should get baptized on the 26th. We know she's going to but she's just like playing games I think. ha She's cool though. Her dad and stepmom are members but she's been through a lot. She needs the Church. 

Then a bunch of members have gotten excited to work with us. We got more references and have some priests who want to work with us. This ward is a little weird, Its not really united because everyone is from different countries and stuff but we should be able to unite them at least in helping in the work. We have a FHE friday in the church. 

We had fun for New Years. We went to this guy's (our ward mission leader) house. We had a good time. We ate and  stayed up till 12 and saw some fireworks. And we bought silly string and stuff. It was fun!! I'll send some pictures.

I love your pics looks like you guys had fun at your New Year's party. Well love you all. I'll see ya!

Elder Farnworth

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