Sunday, May 18, 2014

Short And Sweet (May 5, 2014)

Editor's Note:  Zac must think since we will see him in 2 weeks that we don't need to hear much from him. :)  When he called on Mother's Day after about 25 minutes he said he had to go and had things to do. We forgave him because he is coming home so soon. :)

We don't have very much time to write. But it sounds awesome your week and Dads weeks! Sounds awesome and sounds like a lot of people will be there! (For his homecoming).

I've had an awesome week. We have the COOLEST investigators. Carlos is getting baptized my last day. Fabian his cousin are going to wait cause they told us we want good testimonies first and we said that's perfect. So I think they will the week after I leave. Bummer but its all good. It's still cool to help the Lord prepare people for baptism! Love you!

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