Monday, December 16, 2013

Probably My Last Area

Here are pics of my new place. This week were able to find a lot of people. We have a lot of eternal investigators. or people who have been investigating the Church forever but won't get baptized. We got him to go to church and we want to get him to get baptized Christmas day for his family. It would be a cool surprise. But we have a baptism on the 28th looks like. It's not for sure for sure. But we have a lot of people we just need to get them progressing and keep looking. We have this lady Sophia who used to hate Mormons and now she asks a million questions and is really interested in knowing if the Book of Mormon is true. Also we have that young couple who we are working there papers out and they should get baptized next month. Other than that we are in the finding process. But we got 10 referrals this week so we can;t complain much. The work is moving. 

Gizile, from Paipote, got baptized and wrote that it was one of the best decisions she has made and that she felt a calm feeling. She loved it and now wants to help her family. And when she gets back to Brazil she'll live close to the temple so she will be able to go. Like I told dad, it's awesome seeing less actives and converts going to the temple! 

Funny story. This week we taught this kid who was like a punk. I guess hes been a rebel his whole life. But we shared Mosiah 2:41 with him and I told him that really this is the way to TRUE happiness. And he said, "Man you guys gotta be here for a reason and I want to change I just don't know when I will." I told him now and he was stoked to have us keep coming. He just couldn't go to church. He's 25 and I think he is a drug dealing because his house is unreal. ha ha But he's awesome. 

Anyway that's about it from this week. We had to go to Antofagasta because my comp was sick but now he's good. Hope everything is alright at home. I haven't checked this area out for Skype but we can do it later. Like 4pm would probably be good for us. I would imagine there will be no problems but I will let you know next week. Thanks for the packages and for the pics. Love you guys!

Elder Farnworth

These are all pics of where my apartment is. Sweet!

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