Monday, December 9, 2013

New Area ... Lot's Of Work To Do

My new comp is a stud. He is from Argentina and he's a goof. He jokes non stop. Elder Levi. The town we live in, Iquique, is right on the beach. Literally a walk across the street, Climb over a few rocks and I would be in the water ha ha. It's an awesome place. The work is getting better ...  well going to be getting better. We are downtown. So there isn't a lot of houses. But there are a ton of people in each house, People come from Bolivia and Peru a lot and live in my sector. So we don't have any Chileans as investigators. Which is good because all of my converts are Chileans. Ha. 

Our week was good. We didn't have very many lessons because my comp was sick. I'm actually in the President's office because he is sick but we should be back in our sector tomorrow. Too many bus rides ... I feel sick. To get from Copiapo to Iquique is 15 hours. Then to come to Antofagasta for my comp is 6 hours both ways. I hate bus rides. haha That  is something I probably won't miss. ha ha I know a bunch of elders in my zone and know some members up here that I met in Copiapo. They invited me to their house, but I cant go. Ha. 

I guess in Paipote, my investigators are having a tough time adapting to the new missionary. I felt bad like I made them more attached to me than the gospel. But I wrote them just now telling them they need to keep listening to him to have an eternal family. Honestly I've missed my last sector but have to put it behind me. I am stoked to do the same thing here. I want to find families. Nothing beats baptizing families! And remember Pia? She wrote me and is finishing up her personal progress. Just has to finish her project. She tells me her favorite hymns and stuff. It's funny. It shocks me to see someone who didn't want to take her headphones out the first time she went, to knowing and loving the hymns and finishing her personal progress. Ha I hope to continue the work here. 

We have good people. My comp said a lot of people got used to the last missionary, and that it would be hard for me. But this investigator who said she never liked sharing with us starting asking about the Book of Mormon. And she said "Why haven't you shown this to the catholic church? Someone should try to show them this if its true." I responded I'm sure they've tried. But they don't believe it. But she promised to pray and read the whole thing. She wants to read it all. ha ha

Oh also we have this couple who only lives together right now. But they want to get married. There names are Cindy and Gonzalo, They want to get married on the beach and baptized in the ocean the same day. So in the next two months, once we get past all the marriage papers Chile has we will have a baptism in the ocean. They are an awesome couple. But that's about it on the work. I like my new sector just getting used to the new way of work here. It's different than any sector I've ever been. 

Jordan looks like a bum. ha ha He looks famous though. And tell Jake he is a preppy boy. And tell Megan she isn't allowed to talk to boys. Instead she should just take Max on walks :)
Thanks for everything and tell Kaleb to send me pics of his baptism. 

Chau :) Love you!

Elder Farnworth 

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