Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Could Be A Missionary Forever

I loved the pics. Everyone looks so different. That’s good things are good in school. I’ll let you know when I get my package. I bet I’ll get it in my next sector because this weekend we have transfers. Our president wants every missionary in his sector for 6 months. So I think that’s it for me. I would assume that I’ll be in a different place for Christmas. If I stay that would be soo much time.

Tell Jake and Megan they’re studs!! I’m impressed. Tell Megan to send me more songs, Her song is my ringtone also the other missionaries in my pension stole it and it’s now their ringtone too. Has been for like 3 weeks. haha.

It’s all right that she left, We made up for it this week. We have Nelson getting baptized this week :) This week was incredible. My comp and I we were work horses. haha We found awesome people.

First the story of Nelson. He’s been through a lot, He used to live in Santiago and other parts. But he came here to live with our mamita, his aunt. He said he came to basically change his life. He used to be Catholic but he wants to start over and have a fresh start. He’s a stud! So this Saturday at 6 he’s getting baptized and I’ll be doing. Probably my last Saturday here. I have never cried leaving a sector but I think this will be my first. I have seen the progress of everyone here so it’ll be hard to say goodbye. 

But before setting the date with Nelson, we brought the Brazilian girl, Gizile, who I told you about to a baptism. We had to get there early to bring the dress for the other elders. So we had like an extra half hour so we took a member from the other ward and had a lesson with her. We talked about baptism and how it’s a new start and asked if she would like that. She said yes and then we asked which day would be better the 21st or the 14th. She said the 14th and then went around telling all the people from the other ward that she’s getting baptized the 14th!! She later told us that when she was in Brazil she felt empty. She felt like she needed to have something else in her life. She was deciding since June if she should come and came a week after we found her sister and brother-in-law both who are inactive. And the way we found him is we were walking and he saw us and felt bad for us because it was so hot. haha. So he took us to our lesson. And yelled us his address as we were getting out of the car. We found his house and a week later Gizile got here. Now she’s helping us reactivate them and she wants to help her family in Brazil when she goes back. It’s unreal how our Heavenly Father set everything up so we could find her. She will be a strong member. 

Oh and also we have Cristinas family. Long story too. We found this young 21-year-old guy a while ago doing contacts. When he opened the door at first he wanted nothing really to do with us. We felt we should just talk about him and his family. So we just started talking about his car, house, family and whatever. He showed us his house and his stereo system and because we were just friendly he invited us back to his son’s birthday party. We thought "That is going to be a waste of time. We doubt we will go but we will see." So we told him yeah we will see. The night of the party we had nothing else to do. Our lessons got cancelled so we thought well let’s go to the party. So we went and we met the mom. She offered us cake and then introduced me to her daughter. She said "My daughter’s beautiful right?" It was a bit awkward but they liked us so they told us where they live. So we went. She then invited us to lunch and promised to come to church. So yesterday just her and her daughter came because the other sons and the Dad we dead asleep. But they liked church and we taught the restoration in the afternoon with the whole family. They loved it! I mean like LOVED it. They thought it was awesome so we challenged them to baptism. They all responded "I’m Catholic, But never go to church. So yeah I’ll do it." haha Then they told me they wished we would have found them earlier because I’m probably leaving. And the coolest thing is the neighbors all tell us this lady has helped all of them. She’s the nicest like truly sweetest lady I've met. I didn't get a pic with them but this week for sure. Our president is stoked with all our success and the ward is more excited to help in missionary work. Gizile, the Brazilian, I didn't even talk to her at church because all the members were around her so much. It was like perfect. When we leave she’ll have people to support her.

This week is one where you think "I could be a missionary forever." I love this work and know we are blessed to be the instruments of the Lord. That’s all. Love you all, Thanks for helping me get here!

Elder Farnworth

Gizile, the Brazilian

My mamita

Claudia, She's going to the temple this week!
When we met she said I'm never going to church.. :)

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