Monday, November 25, 2013

This Mission Has Saved My Life

The mission has been great! This week has been a very adventurous week. We just have had Satan working against us. We had a baptism date move to another city with a guy. It was a bummer but the rest of our pool are progressing.

We had three people who came to church with us. He is the nephew of our mamita and wants to know more about the Church. The mamita is so funny – she keeps telling him "You need to get him baptized" And he says were working on that right now, So he’s set! He’s a nice guy. Then we have a girl from Brazil. Haha This week was kinda funny. We had a lesson with her Tuesday, And she lives with her sister and brother in law. They were talking to us and the brother in law started speaking English and said "She likes you." And some other things that I didn’t understand. I quickly responded "She likes my accent in Portuguese? Awesome!"

But later we talked to her and she says she wants to know about the Church not just because she likes us. She’s unreal and is teaching us Portuguese. After  church she said she felt a peace and that she will keep asking to know if she should be baptized.

Then we found this other family that has helped a ton of people where we live. I guess they are quite well off and have found people who lived in the street and have took them in and helped them get on their feet and get working. We met one guy named Joel, Who was living in their dog house, They helped him to the point where he has his own house and is now helping others. They’re like the most amazing family I’ve met in my mission. We shared with them about our church and they liked our morals and what we believe in. They weren’t able to go this week, But next week they promised they would go to church. Oh and the mom offered me her daughter but as a joke, Ha That’s actually how we found them. But they’re incredible. 

We have a few families we might stop working with. It’s a bummer because they are awesome people just not interested in learning more. It’s like we talk about eternal families and they don’t want it. Its sad more than anything, It’s like you said it breaks your heart. But you can only keep loving them and have the faith to help them change.

I felt like this week Heavenly Father has blessed us a lot, We have been finding, We just have to stay focused and obedient and see it through the end. I love this work, And love this gospel. It’s saved my life and now I’m here to save others. Love you all thanks for everything. :)

Elder Farnworth

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