Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Love Chile!

This week was a lot of teaching. Not so much finding. We have Gabriel and Patricia a young couple who doesn’t like any other religion besides ours because we are the most normal. They love us and they invited us to have a BBQ on Saturday, We went then after we watched families can be together forever. They liked it, Just they’re not married. So we have to help them get married. Then we have the other lady who reminds me of mom, She went to church and liked it. She’s getting baptized at the end of the month. After her is Gizile, the Brazilian. She’s awesome, but she got sick and didn’t go to Church. I think she got nervous because she’s only been in Chile for like two weeks. But we talked to her and she was like "I liked reading the Book of Mormon, And how exactly does the answer come?" She’s sincerely looking for an answer! She’s awesome. We haven’t even really been able to teach her either. We told her what the Book of Mormon is, Then gave it to her to read it. We have an appointment Thursday. Then we have a few other families and another lady who wants to be baptized. I love the mission, the people, the spirit. I want more success and more people but this week we just have to keep talking to people. 

This lady offered me her daughter this week. She was like "This is my daughter, isn´t she beautiful?" I said Yeah then got her direction to go teach the family. Because they’re married!!! In Chile it is rare when you find a married couple. Everybody here hates commitment. Almost everyone cheats on each other. It’s sad. But were changing that. 

I feel blessed though, I have felt like this place has changed me a ton, We’ve helped a lot of people and in helping we’ve been blessed to be stronger, More love instruments in our Heavenly Father’s hands. I don’t know if anything better than that exists? Literally helping God save his Children. I appreciate all you’ve done for getting me here. Helping me from a delinquent into a missionary. Thanks for everything, With much love from Chile.

Elder Farnworth

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