Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Totally Love Success Stories!

Well this week was a blast! We found a bunch of people! We found this family who love us they live together and aren´t married but they loved our message about how families can be together and they liked church. We have been working hard. Then we found a guy who used to share with the missionaries and like it.

Then we found a Brazilian girl and her sister is a member and she got to Chile like a week and two days ago. But she liked what we shared with her and she went to a Halloween activity with us. I had pics but my companion was messing with my camera and deleted them... But she’s teaching us Portuguese.. It’s sick! She’s awesome. She’s 25 and her sister and brother-in-law want to know what they need to do to get sealed!! Awesome! Then what else ... oh Claudia quit smoking and she’s going to the temple!!

We went to the Gonzalez house (the family we baptized) for Halloween and found out her sister lived in West Jordan for a while. We lived right by her but she’s inactive. But we are helping them out, even though they aren’t in our area. When they’re there we talk!! Also we met the son of one of the 33 miners that were stuck in that mine tragedy. I think we might be getting a pic with him this week. Someone famous!! I’ve been hear so long I feel like I know everyone! hahah

But we’ve felt the Spirit a lot this week. We’ve had to stop going by some people and its always sad but we felt inspired to use our time focusing on people that will progress while we are here, ya know what I mean? So we are still looking and working with the families we have.

Hey you remember when I was in El Salvador? It was tough but a family who were like our best buds came down to Copaipo to see me. They told me a bunch of people got baptized. And I was like what … who!? And they were almost all the investigators that we found!! I thought my time there was basically a waste but I thanked my Heavenly Father for having them come and let me know all that. I was so happy!

Then Pia from Arica wrote me saying how much her life had changed and said, “Thanks for pushing me to make good choices even when I was stubborn.” I totally love success stories! hahah :)

Anyways that’s my life this week. We played football and soccer … oh and we got some sick jerseys for Paipote.

Love you all!!!

Elder Farnworth

Here are the SICK jerseys! 
(Editor's Note: I am pretty sure sick means good)

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