Sunday, November 3, 2013

We Challenged 9 People But...

Well I don't have a lot this week. We challenged about 9 people to baptism but they almost all slept in for church except for one. The ward still loves us. 

We didn't have water for a week haha and finally got it Thursday. We had to shower in the house of a member for a week straight. But the new missionary in our pension is cool, His name is Elder Storey and he's from Cali

Our Claudia this week fasted so she could stop smoking and go to the temple. She went from telling the missionaries she's never going to church (and even said once she doesn't believe its true) to knowing the church is true and getting ready for the temple. Ha I feel like she's a convert because she got baptized twenty years ago and never went after. The other day she said, "You guys are changing my life so much!" (in a voice like geez haha). 

Then our converts are doing good. Not much going on just working with the members and consistently finding new people. We're teaching this sick lady who is like rich and always says when she's committed she's committed, And she said yes to getting baptized at the end of November. We have a lot of potential, just have to live up to it this month. 

I love you Mom and Dad and everybody. Hope all is well, Keep the faith :)

Elder Farnworth

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