Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel plans...last email from the MTC (July 28th, 2012)

Ok, so first off here is my travel plans:
Monday 30, 2012 -
Leave MTC on bus - 6am
Arrive at the Salt Lake Airport - 8am (We're dropping off other missionaries that will be serving in the Salt lake missions before the airport)
Leave Salt Lake - 10:05am (American Airlines flight: 3039)
Arrive in Los Angeles, CA - 11am
Depart from LA - 1:25pm (Lan Chile S.A. flight: 601)
Tuesday 31, 2012 -
Arrive in Santiago, Chile - 5:40am (Here we go through cust. and pay country entry fees... Francisco Jimenez is the name of the man that works for the church that will make sure we go through the whole proccess well)
Depart from Santiago Chile - 8:15am
Arrive in Antofagasta, Chile - 10:20am (From here, AP Elder Todd and his comp. will pick us up)
Total in Travel group: 12 Elders
Travel Leader: Elder Andrew Congleton
President Leland E. Bruce Jr
Secondly, I'm really sorry I didn't send my camera card home. I've been hesitant to send it home because I've been using my biggest memory card, the 32 GB for all my pictures.   If I send it home and you try to send it back sometimes they don't make it there so that kinda of scared me and I already send the package without it in there. I'm really sorry but I will get pictures to you as soon as possible. Lo siento!  But I did send you a package of a bunch of letters and gum and my temple things. We're not allowed to chew gum because it just kinda looks bad as you talk to people. Pardon me! 
I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked to talk to you guys! I bought a card with 500 minutes on it so I can talk to you as much as I want at both airports here and in LA.  I hope this helps you to know when I'm going to be calling. I've just been packing up today. It's crazy, tomorrow is my last day in the US for two years.... I can't wait. Thank you for all the support you've given me. I'm so grateful to be this prepared. I'm not even nervous! just excited. it'll be new and crazy but I like adventures.
One crazy thing is that we have to memorize this phrase which is easy in Spanish and we will have to say it to immigration. Like we have to tell them we'll only be in Chile for ninety days, because at first we only have a ninety-day visa. Then we get a two year one once we get there.  I guess the missionaries before said they'll be there for two years and they were held up (sorta arrested or something) by immigration for like 9 hours. haha That would be crazy! So lets hope I get the phrase right! JK it's easy.
We've been having a ton of fun our last days here we've kind of been partying (MTC partying is a lot different, partying is like playing stupid games in the hall) haha It's super fun but I also feel so focused on my purpose! I cannot wait. Thanks for your letters this week also, I'm glad everyone is doing good. 
I hope kaleb and Jake are having fun in teton, That sounds awesome, I remember that it was so sweet there. And to Mom, I was glad to see things are good with you. There's nothing I want more than for you to be happy! And I'm glad you are happy! Also, tell Kaleb I'm proud of him for being such a good worker at his restaurant. Doesn't suprise me tho, Kaleb is awesome. I'm excited to see all the incredible things he's going to do in life! Same with jake, I miss all of you so much!  Everyone one of you is in my prayers and I think almost everyday if I could just have one day with them and then come back on  my mission. But it'll just make it that much better whenever I get to call and see you all. If I miss you all this much now, and we're twenty minutes away, Chile's going to be crazy! So keep me updated with lots of emails!
It's been a long day of  packing and just getting totally ready. I bought some journals and a Book of Mormon, I'm doing this thing where I read the whole Book of Mormon with those little cheap paper back copy. I read the whole thing with a question in mind and highlight everything answering my question. It's cool, you should do that. Oh ya, to answer your question,  temple walk is still at three and I'm actually going tomorrow because it's my last day! Well, we have to go to workshop, LOVE YOU ALL so much and remember you're all in my prayers. Thanks again for the package, it was absolutely perfect, you're hands down the best mom in the world. Also tell Grandma thank you for her's it was awesome too! I'm so lucky to have all of you!
Elder Farnworth

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