Monday, August 6, 2012

Zachary's first email from Chile! Aug 4th, 2012

Thank-you for that emails! I'm writing right now to tell you all I´m here safe in Chile! It´s unreal here, I have to admit I had culture shock my first two days.  We´re getting to work opening a new area called Las Arenas in Antofagasta. It´s cool meeting the bishop and stuff, this is so much better than the mtc and I loved the mtc. I can upload all my pictures onto these computers monday. It´ll blow youre mind where I live. Its so nuts and kinda nasty, but i love it. My companion is from Chile, so im learning a lot. I can have conversations, like yesterday i talked to a lady on the bus. She said something about her kids and church. So I gave her a card told her about our church then she said something and I was like SI then smiled and left. ha  I have some cool stories, but I will tell you them when I have a more time. Just wanted you to know im safe and i will send all pictures monday!
Elder Farnworth

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