Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012-MTC

This week has been awesome! I sat the closest I could to watching all the cars drop elders off to find Ryan but I wasn't able to see Jeff or Michelle or anybody. It was cool because I saw Ryan and gave him a huge hug as soon as he got all his stuff so probably ten minutes after he got here! He lives on the bottom floor in my building, so we hang out for like 15 minutes every night. He says he likes it a lot and likes his companion too! Other than that nothing too exciting happened this week.

The spirit has been stronger as the weeks go on, that's half the reason I love the MTC, its incredible spiritual. The Spanish is coming okay, we pick four days to speak Spanish all day and by the end of those days I feel fluent. And it's sweet because every word you say in English you get a point and every point you have to do a door approach or just an approach with a random elder/sister in the lunch room.  But then I go talk to my friend from Mexico, and when he can't understand I realize I still am far from fluent. But it's coming more and more each day. I just keep working hard and have patience with myself.

One thing that's fun about this week is we starting playing softball with our whole zone and it's been way fun we have the coolest zone and stuff. This week we get new elders in our zone which kinda stinks because me and my companion have our own room so we have two bunk beds to ourselves.  We like took the mattresses and made this couch so everyone comes and hangs out in our room. It's super awesome! I’ve been taking a ton of pictures, but I can't really send them.  I guess but we'll figure out how to get them on here. Thank you everyone for all the support, I really do appreciate it.  I'm working on writing everyone back! It's hard because P-day is pretty busy and I only have half hour of email, but I'll write back promise!
 Thanks again and I hope everything is going great at home.

Love you! –
Elder Farnworth

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