Monday, July 2, 2012

A little note from Mom...

I wanted to add a little note before I post Zachary's letter for the week.  We had the opportunity to speak with Zachary's companion's parents, Brother and Sister Packard.  They are preparing to serve as Mission Presidents in the Boston mission and called us last Monday night.  They had spent the day with Zachary and wanted to tell us all about it.  They had nothing but compliments and praise for Zachary and felt so lucky that their son was his companion.  They said that Zac is doing so well with the language and that he has a wonderful spirit.  Sis. Packard said that when you talk to Zac he really listens and seems to have a maturity that not all missionaries have, she said that that will help him so much on his mission.  They were able to go to the temple and then follow them to some of their classes.  Dave and I just sat there and cried, I felt so happy and just a tiny bit jealous.  I think a parents day at the MTC is a great idea....  I'm sure Michelle would agree with me on that one. =) 
What an amazing thing it has been to have a missionary out.  I feel the spirit so strong in his letters and emails, I am so grateful he loves what he is doing.  We are so happy that he had this unique opportunity in the MTC to stand in a circle with an apostle.  I'm sure that is not an experience he will ever forget.

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