Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012-MTC

WOW, finally I have cool experiences to write on this blog haha! I´´m gong to start out with telling all about my district. Mom this is in your letter so you can here it twice :) so about the weird symbols, I was using espanol keyboard.

Anyway, my district is the best district in the universe, kinda of feel bad for other missionaries because we easily go the best district in the MTC. It has every kind of missionary you could think of. I'll start with Elder shields, He's our district leader or was until a day ago, now Elder Wright is but shields is a total geek, He's from Colorado and he's kind of geeky and I love it its awesome! Everything he says is so like far fetched that it's hilarious. Then there's his companion who is total cali sufer dude, His name is elder Congleton, He was the 5th best surfer for his age in the US. Pretty sweet He's a way chill kid and he has been through a lot he converted to the church a year ago and is already on a mission, it's crazy kellert would like him a lot he's super chill. Then there's Elder Wright who's our district leader now, He's hands down on of the funniest kid's I’ve ever met! He impersonates everybody in every movie on the planet it's hilarious. He keeps us laughing all day, then his companion, Elder McCusker, is a pretty boy who evidently is way super rich. He always has to have his hair all nice and stuff it's pretty funny. He has a girl that I bug him about all the time I love it. Then my companion who you have probably heard a lot about he's pretty cool he's way cool at bball he makes almost every shot he takes. It's not even fair.

Speaking of my companion I have a cool story about him. So his parents are here this week because it's mission president week and they are becoming the new mission presidents for the Boston mission. Anyway, for some reason L. Tom Perry likes to set apart the Boston mission president so Sunday morning I was able to go with my companion and his whole family and stand in the circle while L. Tom Perry set them apart. One of the coolest things of my life! He's such a funny guy he was cracking jokes about our mission and how he would try golfing in Antofagasta but it was all sand traps, pretty funny guy. He asked me where I was from I said draper then he goes "that's Terrible.” Everybody laughed. I also got to stand next to him in the circle, standing next to an apostle while he's giving a blessing was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. The blessings were incredible. Then we met Joseph B. Wirthlins only son or something like that and another apostle or quorum on 70 I didn't recognize. I felt like I needed to study up on the people I saw so I could know how cool it was. Ha! Oh and we saw Bednar, and Holland said hi to us and we got pushed away by some security guard.

It's been a cool week! Also my Spanish has been improving. I speak Spanish all day almost everyday, which my district hates because they don’t understand me so I have to sometimes act out what I’m saying, I don't give in and speak English because every missionary I asked who is from Mexico or Argentina even some from Chile say the best thing do to is forget English and speak all Spanish. I've tried this so in a few weeks I’m going to write this whole email then you'll have to google translate it because I will have forgotten English. JK I wish :) But seriously I love the mtc and can't wait for Elder Head to get in here and see how great it is.

That's pretty much all for now I think I'm starting to gain weight finally all the donuts and things are catching up to me. But ill work it into muscle and come back as Nephi (Don't make fun of me for that, we joke differently here in the MTC:)

Love you guys, thanks to everyone for the letters and packages! Hope all is well at home and I can't wait for when I can call everybody from the airport! The church is true!

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