Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th 2012-MTC

This week in Mtc hasn't been crazy exciting, nothing too amazing has happened.
Our teachers are like becoming our best friends, we only have six elders in our district so we're all super close and now it's like our teachers are elders with us. They even come and eat dinner with us, they're super cool. The spanish is coming along pretty great.  We finished the second to last grammar principle so we have one more and then we are done and it's just three more weeks of reviewing everything until I go to Chile. Which I can't wait for but am sort of nervous because I talk to the chileans on my floor and the chilean accent is spanish and ten million miles per hour and they put all there words like hymns, and the drop there S's... So sounds like i'll be learning a whole kind of spanish when I get out there. That's going to fun though,
I love learning spanish and being able to comminucate in a whole different language with all my friends is cool! I've been practicing for Chile, I learned all the nicest ways to say hello hows it going, hows your day, so I should be allright! We got new elders in our room which kind of stinks, but there pretty cool. We all bond well. I've gone and talked to Ryan almost everynight still and we took a picture at the temple together. It's awesome having your best friend to talk to about stuff, I love it! He got his travel plans already and i feel like he just got here! But anyway, we want to know about Trevor! I'm about to email him but lets us know!
Natalie, Grandma and Grandpa, I'm in the process of writing you back! Thank you so much for the scriptures and the article about travis hansen!  Also, say thanks to the Brother Jacobs kids! I loved their letter!  And thanks everyone else for all the support I really have felt extremely loved!
Thanks again,

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