Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th-MTC

This week has been full of emotional expierences. Me and this Elder named Elder McCusker have really bonded. One day we taught each other a lesson and both ended up balling from sharing our expierences of how much we have changed throughout the MTC. It's incredible all the missionaries here who have stories of being lost and going the wrong direction then fixing it and coming on a missson. It's so awesome hearing everyones story.
Almost every night I walked around before bed asking mostly chilean and hispanic missionaries what there stories are. I've learned how to be more out going and mumble less (btw LO SIENTO, sorry, for always mumbling.)  I've learned to talk to everyone I meet, especially those from Chile, even If my spanish isn't amazing. This last saturday me and my companion taught this guy in the TRC. It's like he's an investigator and we had an amazing lesson and the guy said he felt the spirit so strong. We ended up getting in trouble because we talked to him for and hour and ten minutes when you only have a half hour. He didn't mind though. He loved it and he was the coolest guy. It's crazy though, when I teach if I like really focus on the investigator, I understand more spanish than usual.
So, July 30th is when I leave!! Its crazy, I can' t believe I'm going to be in Chile two weeks from today!
Oh yeah another exciting thing I was made district leader this week, so I'll be our district leader until we leave for Chile which is pretty cool. I don't do a ton of this, but I interveiw each missionary and make sure they are good and stuff, which will be easy because our district is tiny.
I've been talking to Ryan, he's bummed he doesn't get to go yet, but I'm a little happy cause I get to see him a bit longer! We also got to go and clean the temple today which was really cool because we were able to see all the rooms.
OH I forgot to tell everyone about softball (or did I) during our gym time our whole zone does this softball thing it's called  the world series were keeping track of how many times each team wins until we go to Chile, then the loser has to buy the winner ton of treats. It's way fun and we always dominate. Haha it's funny.
Mom and Dad, I'd just like to tell you two how much I love you guys and thank you for all your support! I loved the package and all the letters I got this week. Because of you two I'm able to be really and focused on being a missionary. I've been starting to notice how prepared I am compared to other missionaries. I'm glad you took me shopping and I'm glad we got EVERYTHING on the list. Hope everythings going good with home and everything, know you're both in my prayers everyday. I love you guys and can't wait to talk to you before I head off to Chile. Tell everyone there I love them and think about them all the time!
I'm almost out of time, Thank you all for the support I really do appreciate it!
Elder Farnworth

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