Monday, June 11, 2012

11-Jun-2012 MTC

Things here have been great! First off, I love emails but I only have 30 minutes of writing back, so Dear Elder might be a little better. Called 2 Serve takes like two days and Dear Elder I get that same day. I can write letters all day on Pday so thats the best way for me to really write back. But emails on sunday are good so I can write back.
Anyway I'm glad things are good. That's going to take some adjusting only having three kids, its crazy how much our family is changing and growing. I'm glad Jordan's living in a nice place you'll have to DE (Dear Elder) haha me his address so I can send him some letters. I hope he gets the job. He deserves better than just a few tips.He told me that it never really gets that busy but I hope that changes! I'm glad he's happy there!
I'm glad Megan likes my bed! That's cool that you guys have a work out room now. That would be good! I'm glad its chill. Sounds like were going to start having a lot cleaner house now that you know who's the messy ones are. ha You'd be proud of me, I've actually been pretty organized and clean!
My typical day is pretty much getting up at 6;30, getting ready, studying until 820, breakfast for half hour then we have class where an RM from BYU teaches us Spanish, or about how to teach until 12. Then we have personal study from 12 to 1. Then lunch. Then we have language study. Then this thing on the computers called tall where we learn some more spanish and what not. Then we have gym time for 50 min. where I get to play basketball which has been good. I haven't gained any weight and I make sure I only eat one desert a day. Anyway, then we have dinner and then at 6 we learn from our other teacher til nine. Then we plan for the next day and go home at 930 then in bed by 10:30. That's one of my days. The other gym is at 6:35 but the rest is pretty much the same. Some of the food is really good then some days it's all right. I eat an apple and a banana every meal. I've grown to loving them -- it's like I crave them now haha. But the language is coming, I can have solid conversations and can teach the first few lessons in PMG.

Its quite the adjustment here at the MTC, but once you adjust, you want everyday to be like this. It keeps my mind off the time and stuff, cuz I don't have time for anything. I wish we had more study time ha, we study a ton and its not enough. It's cool; Ryan will love it! That's a way cool lesson, you should write that again in a Dear Elder so I can have it with me whenever I need it.  Dear Elder me thoughout the week to answer back to this and what not.
Love you and be expecting letters soon! Love you guys! Miss you a ton and I appreciate the support!
I love you mom!

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