Monday, June 4, 2012

04-Jun-2012 First Letter

Hey you guys whats up? I hope everything is going amazing at home! I miss you guys so much but I'm falling in love with this work. We got to go the temple again and wow I can't even explain how I've feeling today I am extremely blessed with faith. I love it! so hows jordan doing I haven't heard from him did he move out yet? I'm in the middle of write all of you letter Ill send them today! let me know when you get them so I know how long it takes I'm just puting them in one envelope. Anyway, there are a few things I forgot, I forgot that melatonan it's getting easier to sleep each day but it's still kind of hard so if you could maybe send me that that'd be cool but if not or if its expensive don't worry about it. I got to tell you what it's like, I already wrote a lot in moms letter but ill tell you agian.

When you first get dropped off they print out your ID card for all your meals give you your badge you know the basics then you drop your stuff of at your room and go straight to the classroom. That's where it got tough, the teacher for the first few days won't speak a word of english. He says it in spanish over and over again until you get it. it was hard especially be im the ONLY ONE who didn't take spanish in high school. But I feel like I'm picking it up fast but I've got a lot to learn. Anyway after going to class you then go teach investigators (I'm positive there fake) as districts so its like a living room with like 20 missionaries helping give input on our to teach this person its pretty cool. Dad was right about how the missionaries that have been here seem old, my zone leader acts and seems like he 25 and Im older than him. Anyway after that i think you just go to class a little longer than your done for wednesday. I can't really remember the days kind of mesh together and it's hard to remember but ya were already teaching an investigator in spanish just me and my comp. She's fake too but she does so well at acting that it helps us practice and really get good at teaching.

My companion is great at first it was hard because he talks a ton more than me so all our conversations were one sided but things have gotten better. He went to byu lives in cali and wants to be a lawyer. Lately tho hes been sick so i've been taking immune system pills so I don't get it. If you can you should try to show this to ryan it'll help him and tell him to pray for the spirit and read preach my gospel or just as much of it as you can. And maybe tell trevor to start trying to learn spanish now it'll help. Every bit does.

My Pday is every Monday so i will email and write everyone back. I might just send natalies letter to you guys and have you give it to her because I only know our address... Kinda sad. But I love the MTC i can see why you did too dad i miss you guys i wish you could be here with me all the time and mom i sleep with the frog you guys gave me every night! its like my peice of home haha but give everyone my best wishes! Being here is the right thing for me and these two years will fly by. Let me know if you need or want to know anything! I love you guys so much and am unbelievable lucky to have so much support from my family. A kid in my district just converted a year ago and he's the only one in his fam who's lds so his parents dont really support him. So thanks again for being the most amazing parents a missionary could ask for!

Yo Amor Mi Familia mucho grande, e yo estro gradecido por son support. don't know how to say support yet. we mostly just learn church stuff. Well my half hour is about up! I'll get my letter to the mail box so ya! 

Hasta Luego -Elder Farnworth

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