Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy things are happening....Aug. 13, 2012 in Antofagasta

Things here are going great! I feel like I'm settling in comfortable and feel like this is my home now! Crazy things are happening! We got freaked out at for teaching this girl! Her parents came and found us in church on Sunday and her dad told us how we can’t teach her and all this stuff, it was nuts. Oh and then last night were just laying in bed and I heard like 15 gun shots then cars screeching and driving off! This is crazy, but don’t worry, I’m safe and this place isn’t too bad. haha This is definitely the gnarliest adventure of my life and I’m loving every second. I’m happy every day, and don’t worry I can feel the comfort of the spirit helping me with everything I do. This really has been a humbling experience, we’re very lucky to have what we have and to have the gospel in our lives. Thank you for all you’ve done to have this gospel in our home. It’s all because you and mom have made right choices. I think about that all the time. I’m so lucky to have this that I literally want to talk to everyone! It’s hard to not talk to people when you feel this way!

Sounds like it’s been crazy at home, I’m glad you are all having a good summer! I’ve missed you too! I talk about (sort of brag) to the members about how my dads a Bishop and how he’s the chillest dad ever ha. It’s awesome, the members love seeing our family pictures.  Dad, thanks for being a great dad and marrying such an amazing woman. I love our family so much its hard not to brag about everyone. But I love you dad and thanks again for being such an example to me and being strong through all your challenges. I will always follow your example with challenges, because in my patriarchal blessing it says I will have many. I hope I can work through them as you have.  You are an incredible dad and I’m grateful for all you done. Know I’m praying for you all everyday. I miss you a ton, but it’s really not that long until we’ll be hanging out again.

I’m about to send more pictures sorry if I don’t write a ton, I only have an hour and pics take a little while to upload. Yeah, the blue house is my pension! I’m starting to love it, it’s a sweet place here.

1. me and my comp in centro antofa
2. living room/kitchen
3. my bed and closet sorta thing ha!
4. the view from my bedroom
5. those are the crazy buses!

This computers slow and I only have 15 more minutes! Next week I’ll go to faster computers and I’ll take more pics with my comp, that’s the only one I have. I miss you guys but I feel like I’ve gotten over homesickness and I’m ready to work.
Thanks for all the support!  Oh, I have no idea what the address is here. I you just send the mail to the mission home then they drive it to us, so yeah send it to the mission home! Hasta luego…
Love you!
Elder Farnworth

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